Power Architecture Embedded Software Solutions

Real-time operating systems
Software development tools
Processor probes
  • Green Hills Probe V4
    Multicore hardware bring-up, low-level debugging, and trace-powered analysis toosl
Device lifecycle management and data encryption
Platform solutions
  • Aerospace & Defense
    Leading avionics-certified INTEGRITY-178 tuMP RTOS along with ARINC 653 partition scheduler, system extensions, and certification evidence that together reduce the time, cost, and risk of DO-1798B/C Level A certification.
  • Automotive electronics
    Safety-certified INTEGRITY RTOS and safe hosting of guest operating systems, fast boot, secure OTA software updates, and advanced development tools that together lower development costs and reduce time-to-market for ADAS/AD, powertrain, body, chassis, gateway, e-Cockpit, and infotainment systems.
  • Industrial safety
    Safety-certified RTOS & integrated middleware for industrial systems requiring IEC/EN 61508 safety certification.
  • Medical devices
    Run-time and development solution based on certified technology with an unparalleled proven-in-use history that enables developers to design medical devices faster and at lower cost while addressing the latest regulatory and feature requirements.
  • Secure networking
    Run-time and development solutions to secure network devices at their core using integrated layer 3 routing, layer 2 switching, and IPv4/v6 networking protocols.
  • Software defined radio
    POSIX-conformant RTOS integrated with TCP/IP stack, CORBA, SCA core framework, waveform development solutions, and reference hardware.

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