Green Hills Software Products and Technology

Operating Systems

INTEGRITY® RTOS— Designed for total reliability and absolute security, INTEGRITY uses full memory protection in a message-passing design with an extensive range of middleware and board support packages.

INTEGRITY-178B securely partitioned RTOS

INTEGRITY-178 EAL6+ certified, safety-critical RTOS — Securely partitioned RTOS for demanding applications containing multiple programs with different levels of safety criticality, all executing on a single processor.

INTEGRITY Multivisor for Secure Virtualization

INTEGRITY Multivisor — The industry's most powerful, reliable, and flexible embedded virtualization solution for hosting guest operating systems alongside real-time applications and middleware.

µ-velOSity, microkernel, real-time executive, RTOS, small

µ-velOSity™ RTOS — small, fast, easy-to-use operating system for the most cost-sensitive and resource-constrained devices

Integrated Development Environments

MULTI® — An integrated development environment (IDE) that is a complete software environment for building embedded applications in C, C++, and Embedded C++.

AdaMULTI, Ada, debugger

AdaMULTI™ — An integrated development environment (IDE) that is a complete software toolkit for building embedded applications in Ada and C, C++, and Embedded C++.

Green Hills Optimizing Compilers — The fastest, smallest code for C, C++, Ada, and MISRA C

TimeMachine™— Revolutionary debugging suite. Run and step an application back in time, after a failure occurs, to find even difficult bugs in minutes.

DoubleCheck, static analysis, source code analysis, source code analyzer

DoubleCheck™— An integrated static analyzer tool, easy to use, fast in execution - improves quality for mature software as well as new projects.

Networking & Communications

GHNet, host stack, router stack, IPv4/IPv6, TCP/IP, networking, dual-most, security protocols

GHNet™ networking stack— a complete IPv4/v6 host and router stack with broad RFC conformance and an extensive suite of security protocols, network management and internet applications.

Hardware Debug Devices

SuperTrace™ Probe — A high-performance trace probe that non-intrusively captures up to 4 GB of trace data at clock speeds up to 1.2 GHz, providing unprecedented visibility into a system's run-time behavior.

Green Hills Probe V4™ — The fastest and most capable JTAG and trace debug probe ever made by Green Hills Software featuring 4GB of high-speed trace memory and 40 Gbits/second aggregate bandwidth.

Safety-Critical Products

INTEGRITY-178B safety-critical, EAL6+ certified RTOS